Meet Our Attorneys

ApplyUSAVisa prides itself on streamlining the immigration process. We do this by combining cutting-edge technology with expert legal help. Our Legal Experts have an excellent track record of achieving successful outcomes for clients worldwide. You can be rest assured that your filings are organized and submitted to achieve the best possible results.

Dilli Raj Bhatta , EEQ

Mr. Dilli Raj Bhatta brings over a decade of immigration law experience to this practice. He works with clients from all over the world as far away as India and Nepal. Utilizing has vast background in Intellectual Property and Corporate law, Mr. Bhatta provides insight and expertise to complex Business Immigration matters. Mr. Bhatta’s guidance has helped countless foreign and domestic companies grow by establishing new offices in the U.S. and bringing in skilled employees from overseas. He has also worked with skilled professionals in all fields from journalism, athletics, science, the arts, and so on.


Mr. Ilya Laksin’s versatile litigation experience includes appearances before the EOIR, BIA, Circuit Courts of Appeal, New Jersey Municipal and Superior Courts, and New York Supreme Civil, Criminal, Family, and Surrogate’s Courts. For nearly five years in this office, Mr. Laksin has worked with wide-ranging clients including refugees seeking asylum, skilled EB-1 and EB-3 applicants, and L-1A and L-1B transferees.

Ms. Lhamo

Ms. Lhamo Tsering is our Coordinator and Front Desk Manager, she is also an exceptional Law Student who plans on joining the Law field as an attorney. Looking forward to hearing from you !

Aparna Mudwaru

Ms. Aparna Mudwaru is an exceedingly skilled paralegal with experience in every avenue of Business Immigration including L, O, P, EB, and H Visa petitions and applications. She has worked with scores of clients ranging from multinational corporations to professional athletes, scientists, and artists. Her command of procedure and evidence-gathering sets the bar for unparalleled service ensuring successful visa applications and renewals.